About LMR

Welcome to Lloyd Movie Reviews, where I (Lloyd) do exactly what the title says, with a hint (a lot) of snark for movies old and new. I have a passion for movies and often times I’ve noticed that a review can sometimes put a viewer off of watching a movie. While there are some movies that are simply so bad that nobody should watch them, there are also movies that are gems hidden beneath the criticism. Sometimes a positive review can bring about a different opinion, if only because we’re all biased in that regard.

At LMR I want to explore as many movies as I possibly can. A succinct story that can be told in a couple of hours exists for many reasons; to entertain, to inform, to persuade, and for other reasons that can be more personal than one wants to admit. With my reviews, I hope, you’ll find movies you may have liked but not fully understood (because who wants to do research in a theater when James Bond is about to shoot you?), movies you thought you hated because they weren’t what you were expecting, and movies you find to be a little bit bland but under the right circumstances (a glass of wine, good company, or a breather from life) is just what you’re looking for.

Every genre deserves its own special appreciation and at LMR I hope to expose you (the reader, clearly) to the reasons why comparing an action film to a drama film or a comedy to a horror film is an awful way to watch a movie. The genres have their own strengths and weaknesses and they all have their place in our culture, and at times it is that very same culture that can tarnish a movie before you ever get the chance to see it.

I want to open you up to something you may not have realized you like, because you might just be the person who doesn’t like horror movies because they’re blasé, hates a comedy because all of the best jokes are in the trailer, and roll your eyes at an action flick because it’s clichéd and at times lacking a plot. Lest we forget the adaptation scene, where books are movies and anime/western animation are a live action flick just waiting to take your money. Every film has its purpose and sometimes it’s our duty to dig it up.

But I don’t want to just preach at you about movies you should and shouldn’t watch. There’s no fun in that in this day and age when opinions are a click away and sometimes you wish you’d have thought about that post before sending it out for the world to see. Sometimes there’s something about television, film, and book industries that just rub me the wrong way, and sometimes they do the same to you.

Opinions are a dime a dozen and sometimes you’ll find a view you agree with and sometimes you’ll find your enemy incarnate. Tired of remakes, adaptations, and movies advertised to hell and back and then literally end up in hell for a few years or worse? Find solace here with me at Lloyd Movie Reviews and take a moment to enjoy the snarky commentary. I know I do.


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